International Australian Shepherd Association

By the mid 1900's Australian Shepherds were gaining in popularity, particularly on the west coast of the United States. This popularity grew primarily with ranchers because of the breeds proven ability to work stock. At this time, there was not a pure bred dog registry that recognized Australian Shepherds and only limited places to register these dogs. Because of this love for their "little blue dogs", people began to organize. As a result, the International Australian Shepherd Association, Inc. (IASA) was formed in mid-1960's. The reason for forming this club was to solidify and promote the Australian Shepherd.  

Everything considered, for the time this was a well organized independent dog club association with a dedicated group people. They had affiliate clubs such as; Northern California Australian Shepherd Enthusiasts (NCASE). They also had positions and committees; Public Relations and Code of Ethics Committee. The mission of IASA was to solidify the breed and provide a venue for Australian Shepherd owners to compete with their dogs. Each spring in Davis and Dixon, CA, IASA would host yearly Sheep Dog Trials.  Their first conformation and obedience event was the 1st Annual Spring Specialty in 1966. This was followed by their 1st Annual Fall Specialty held on October 9, 1966 in Santa Rosa, California (pictured to the right).

Below is a list of shows held in the early years.
1st Annual Spring Specialty
1st Annual Fall Specialty - October 9, Santa Rosa, CA

2nd Annual Spring Specialty - May 21
2nd Annual Fall Specialty - October 8

In alignment with the purpose of IASA, the club worked to educate the general public about the breed. In addition to holding large conformation and obedience events, the association also increased the public's knowledge through articles, displays and even the occasional TV advertisement for an upcoming specialty. It would appear this dedicated group took this responsibility seriously and in an organized manner. All of this was in addition to the annual Sheep Dog Trials and many impressive early specialties that would draw close to 200 entries.

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3rd Annual Spring Specialty - May 19, Concord, CA
3rd Annual Fall Specialty - October 6


4th Annual Spring Specialty - May 18, Hillsboro, OR

4th Annual Fall Specialty - October 5, Davis, CA

Note: the practice of having two large specialties each year stopped after 1969. The annual fall specialty was re-branded as the national specialty.  

Pictured: Duke's Darling Mae taking Best of Breed at the 4th Annual Fall Specialty.   Blue Merle - 4/1/1966 by Cunningham's Duke x Morning Star  Breeder: C. Cunningham   Owner: Susan Langfelder

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5th Annual National Specialty, October 3, 1970


6th Annual National Specialty, Bishop, CA, August 28, 1971


7th Annual National Specialty, Carmel, CA, August 26, 1972


8th Annual National Specialty, Santa Maria, CA, October 27, 1973

Pictured: Best of Opposite Sex winner at the 1970 National Specialty - Camerlo’s Tiffany McNabb (Judge Phyllis Greer)

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19749th Annual Need Specialty, September 21, 1974

10th Annual Need Specialty, Need Information

11th Annual Need Specialty, Need Information

12th Annual National Specialty, Need Information

13th Annual National Specialty

14th Annual National Specialty

15th Annual National Specialty, held the day before the ASCA National Specialty in Washington