HOF & HOFX ASCA Ch Brigadoon's One Arrogant Dude

ASCA Hall of Fame Sire & USASA Hall of Fame Excellent Sire

  Sire: HOF ASCA Ch Arrogance of Heatherhill CD STDd
Dam: ASCA Ch Patch-Works River Fog
June 7, 1982 - May 2, 1996
Height:  20 1/2"
Weight:  55 lbs.
OFA Hips Good
Full Dentition/Scissors Bite
Breeders:  David and Bonnie Daniel (Brigadoon Australian Shepherds)

AKC History 
Since Australian Shepherds weren't recognized by the AKC until late in Dude's life, he got a very late start. In 1994, at 12 years of age and being handled by Alan McCorkle, Dude took three BOB and a group four from the classes in a limited number of shows due to his age. Ultimately... Dude didn't earn his AKC championship (9 points / one major) before passing in 1996.

ASCA Show History 

  • OCTOBER 9, 1983 - Dude takes WD/BOW/BOB for a 3 point major under Carleen Radenavich (NEW CHAMPION)
  • AUGUST 7, 1983 - Dude takes WD for a 3 point major under Bob Perry
  • JULY 3,1983 - Dude take WD and BOW for 2 points under Pat Jensen
  • JULY 2, 1983 - Dude takes WD and BOW for a 3 point major under Tom Mathiesen
  • JANUARY 23, 1983 - Dude takes WD and BOW for 4 point major under Frances Thibault

Dude's Legacy

Dude has sired 71 championship title holding dogs (in total 39 AKC & 59 ASCA champions), including two ASCA national specialty best of breed winners (1996 Heatherhill's Montel Williams & 1997 Casa Blanca's Shady Lady), one ASCA national specialty winners dog (1985 Brigadoon's California Dude) and an AKC BIS winner (Brigadoon's Frozen Assets-2004).

Dude's progeny include five ASCA HOF Champions (Heatherhill Montel Williams, Heatherhill You Talk Too Much, Brigadoon’s California Dude, Casa Blanca’s Tot’ly Awsm Dude ROMX II, Heatherhill Sweet Talkin Dude). Furthermore, Dude's five HOF offspring have themselves produced nine ASCA HOF offspring.

 Some of Dude's Titled Progeny

AKC/ASCA Ch Merribook’s Chase For Success

ASCA Ch Uptown Dude of Saddleridge

ASCA Ch Brigadoon’s Forget Me Not

ASCA Ch Taltari’s Foxtrot of Adelaide

ASCA Ch Brigadoon’s Scotch Bloom

ASCA Ch North Forks Perfect Harmonie

ASCA Ch I’ll Be Famous of Heatherhill

HOF AKC/ASCA Ch Brigadoon’s California Dude CD STDd (1985 ASCA National Specialty WD)

ASCA Ch Lady in Red of Heatherhill

ASCA Ch Dark Star of Heatherhill

ASCA Ch A Rosebud of Brigadoon

ASCA Ch Amberwood’s Touch of Arrogance

ASCA Ch Amberwoods Redhot Conversation

ASCA Ch Iron Eyes Kody of Woodstock CD STDcs

ASCA Ch Tres Jole’s Rocky Mtn Dude

ASCA Ch Brigadoon’s One Tough Dude CD

ASCA Ch Tri-Ivory Whatchamacallit

ASCA Ch Tres Jole’s Gamblers Magic

ASCA Ch Brigadoon’s Bothca

ASCA Ch Brigadoon’s A Top Notch Dude CD

ASCA Ch Brigadoon’s Shadow Chaser

ASCA Ch Winter Wind Onyx Knight

ASCA Ch Brigadoon’s Dressed in Velvet CD

AKC/ASCA Ch Saddleridge’s Risky Business

ASCA Ch Brigadoon’s Clean Sweep

AKC/ASCA Ch Amberwoods Arrogant Top Cat

ASCA Ch Xanadu’s Heavy Dude E

ASCA Ch Clover All Over of Heatherhill

ASCA Ch Sunshine’s Totally Awsome Dude

AKC/ASCA Ch Ko-Stars Cowabunga Dude CD

AKC/ASCA Ch Ravin’ about Brigadoon

AKC/ASCA Ch Ko-Star’s Zip-Pa-Dee-Dude-Da

AKC/ASCA Ch Cimarron’s Cheer Me On CD JV-N

BIS AKC/ASCA Ch Brigadoon’s Frozen Assets

ASCA Ch Beowulf’s Oreo

AKC/ASCA Ch Back in Black of Brigadoon

AKC/ASCA Ch Merribrooks Put’in on the Ritz

AKC/ASCA Ch Chasebrook Paint By Number

AKC/ASCA Ch Merribrook’s Successful Dude

ASCA Ch Merribrooks Playin Hard to Get

AKC/ASCA Ch Enjoyus’s One Dazzling Dude

AKC/ASCA Ch Chasebrook Picture This

AKC/ASCA Ch Chasebrook Logo

ASCA Ch Wildhearts Enjoyus Kid

AKC/ASCA Ch Enjoyus Yabba Dabba Dude

AKC/ASCA Ch Chambray River Cats Pajamas

AKC/ASCA Ch Heatherhill Joan Rivers

HOF AKC/ASCA Ch Heatherhill You Talk Too Much

ASCA Ch Heatherhill Regis Philbin

HOF AKC/ASCA Ch Heatherhill Montel Williams (1996 ASCA National Specialty BOB)

AKC/ASCA Ch Heatherhill Sally Jessie

HOF AKC/ASCA Ch Heatherhill Sweet Talkin Dude CD STDs RS-N

AKC/ASCA Ch Heatherhill Jenny Jones

ASCA Ch Heatherhill Time After Time

AKC/ASCA Ch Hearthside Simon Says CD STDds

AKC/ASCA Ch Casablancas Shadey Lady (1997 ASCA National Specialty BOB)


ASCA Ch Brigadoon’s Buttercup

ASCA Ch Casa Blanca Pr. Scratchabelly

AKC Ch Quail Runs Just Dude It

OTCH AKC Ch Ebbtide Luna Sea UD

AKC Ch Sunshine’s Totally Awesome Dude

AKC Ch Quail Runs Swept by Arrogance

AKC Ch Pias’ Almost A Mango

AKC Ch Pias’ Arrogant Bitchkin

AKC Ch Agua Dulce Nike Air

AKC Ch Mr Bojangles Ko-Star

AKC Ch Whoop Dee Dude Its Brigadoon

AKC Ch Brigadoon’s Sweet Clover CD

AKC Ch Brigadoon’s Sweptaway CDX GS-E JS-E RS-E

AKC Ch Brigadoon’s In a Spin

BISS AKC GCh Laconia Buff Cap Past Reflections

         Night Time Dude of Tres Rios CD           Tupelo’s Arrogant Rustler CD
          Mi Keoke Ki-Mist of Snow CDX          Brigadoon’s a Pinch of Sage CDX
         Brigadoon’s Rich and Famous STDs         Woodstock Always Into Something CD
           Tres Jole’s Ebony Rose CD          Brigadoon’s Flying Dutchman CD
            Saddleridges Red Satin CD            Pias’ Arrogant Bitchkin CDX
            Pias’ Almost A Mango CD            Heatherhill Fine Time STDs

        Laconia Heatherhill Skye is the Limit AX NF